Craft revenue-driving buyer journeys

Enable your buyers with personalized digital sales rooms — from lead generation to conversion and customer retention

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Achieve a best-in-class digital experience for your buyer

Improve buyer satisfaction: deliver personalized experiences aligned with customer needs

Understand buyer needs like never before

72% of buyers expect a deep understanding of their needs, reflected through personalized touchpoints

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Cater to digital natives

73% of decision-makers are digital natives and 3/4 prefer remote engagement

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Empower buyers

87% of buyers wish for the ability to self-serve part or all of their buying journey

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Streamline your b2b sales process and meet your buyers' needs

spaices' solution: empower your sales with personalized digital sales rooms to tackle modern sales challenges:

Managing large buying centers

Navigating complex buyer journeys

Accelerating longer sales cycles

Uninterrupted buyer journeys through streamlined internal hand-overs

Help buyers to sell your product internally

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How does your digital sales room work?

1. Build

Craft captivating, customized digital sales rooms for your buyers effortlessly and efficiently.

2. Share

Invite buyers to their dedicated digital sales room with a simple link, enabling seamless collaboration.

3. Gain insights

Gain valuable insights into buyer behavior and interests through our advanced analytics tools.

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Enable your buyers through digital sales rooms

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Create captivating and immersive virtual experiences tailored to your buyers' needs. Accelerate sales cycles and increase conversion rates by equipping buyers with the right resources and insights. Foster collaboration with buyers to facilitate internal product advocacy and drive successful outcomes.

Empower your buyers
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Streamline content management: deliver relevant content to your buyers

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Centralize assets, pictures, text snippets, documents, and more in your content library for seamless access when building new digital sales rooms.

Manage your sales collateral

Maintain brand consistency

Captivate your buyers with relevant content

Optimize content management
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Understand how to enhance experiences: know your buyers' needs

Spaices Dashboard

Unlock valuable insights into your buyers' needs with our comprehensive analytics.

Explore clicks, views, invites, shares, time spent, and more

Personalize the buyer journey based on behavior

Make data-driven decisions

Understand your buyers

Safeguarding your data

We value your privacy and security.


Developed and hosted in Switzerland

Penetration tested by compass security

HTTPS by default

Federated SSO

Malware protection

ISO 27001 certified servers


Ready to streamline your customer engagement?

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